A Mexican Weekend  by Orange & Park07.02.15

Interstate 5 comes to an anticlimactic end at the southwest corner of San Diego. For most of my life, with the exception of an occasional frat bro bender on Revolucion, The San Ysidro border crossing was a cul-de-sac, a U-turn between structure and chaos, safety and danger. Over the past five plus years, with some help from my friends, I've pushed aside the stereotypes (all totally exaggerated) and explored some of my favorite places on earth in the last frontier of Southern California. Last weekend was no exception. #vivabaja.  

A special thanks to our friends at bajabound.com for keeping us on the road.

The Santo Tomas Valley.

RIP Juan Aldana

The only left in Baja. 

Never too old to jump.



Looking for dinner. 

You should have been here yesterday. 


What she lacks in tract homes and strip malls, she makes up for in beauty. 

San Diego circa 1896 (less satellite dishes and solar panels). 

We were stoked to have perfect weather. 

The last night rolls around and the anticipation of Monday morning meetings in the office begins to haunt you. 

Design + Surf Inspired Magazine Read for Spring  by Orange & Park04.21.15

If you're looking for a coffee table refresh or some reading material for an upcoming vacation, we've got you covered with our favorite spring reads -- magazine edition. These publications marry surf and design in a masterful way and feature some truly stunning photography. 

1. Saturdays Magazine #4: This magazine features stunning typography, beautiful photos and interviews with the coolest of the cool.

2. Monster Children Issue 46: Dane Reynolds is on this month's cover and the issue features a behind-the-scenes look at Kai Neville's latest surf movie, Cluster. Plus there's some great artist interviews and amazing, edgy photos as per usual.

3. The Surfer's Journal 24.2: The Surfer's Journal is a classic surf mag, focused on high-quality photos and editorial content with minimal advertising. This issue features some epic bodysurfing and a trip to South America with Ozzie Wright. 

4. Desillusion Mag: This magazine is filled to the brim with gorgeous photos and loads of design and typography porn. You might just find yourself ripping out pages to hang on your wall.

Slowing it Down  by Will Holder04.16.15

Amidst the rapidly-growing world of surf and ocean photography, there is a certain kind of camera that is re-teaching the value of slowing it down.  When I came across an old film camera known as the Nikonos V just over a year ago, I had no idea how to use it, nor had I ever heard of what seemed like a miniature version of a bright orange tank. Shooting film was and still is a pretty new concept to me but I'm growing to love it.

Although some of my favorite photos in the ocean are still shot digitally by the likes of Morgan Maassen and Chris Burkard, I have a new appreciation for this reborn style of shooting film in the ocean. Thanks to Brandon Jennings' movement to share this camera, known as The Nikonos Project, more and more surf photography resembling shots taken in the 70s are popping up all over the globe. While the community of shooting with these cameras (I-V) seems small, it's undoubtedly growing. Thanks to the Instagram 'Nikonos_Project', surf photography is moving forward by taking a step back into the past. Here are some of my favorite shots I've taken. Enjoy!


Will Holder

More of my work can be found at:


More Nikonos photos:


In Good Company: Graphic Surf Accessories  by Orange & Park04.08.15

In our second installation of "In Good Company", we've rounded up some graphic-inspired surf accessories that any design-loving surfer will love -- all of which pair perfectly with any of our typographic, map-inspired prints.

VIVA BAJA: Isolated beaches, desolate waves, boundless adventures, Helvetica font.

SATURDAYS SURF: A citrus, herbal blend inspired by the Atlantic Ocean.

STANCE SOCKS: Shift socks in a graphic, striped print.

EAST SURF WAX: organic, handmade, ideal for cold temperatures. 

LIGHTNING BOLT: Wing Swallow board.

Kit Carson, California  by Orange & Park03.16.15

The Sierras have plenty of space to explore, stretching 400 miles from north-to-south and roughly 70 miles wide. It's home to some of California's finest outdoor destinations, including Mount Whitney, Tahoe, and Yosemite. We landed in Kit Carson, a small unpopulated area about an hour south of Tahoe on Silver Lake. The pictures pretty much tell the whole story. It's worth a visit. 

I'm a terrible historian. The trip got me wondering who the hell this Kit Carson character was. He was raised in Missouri, one of 15 children. He trekked around the frontier mountains of the West for most of the 1800s. Among other things, dude fought in the Mexican-American War, the Civil War, and led a full-fledged battle against the Apache Indians. Rightfully so, he's a villain to some historians and a prolific force in developing the West to others. Regardless, it's kind of rad to have a little town in your name, especially this one. 

Silver Lake (not in LA)

Thunder Mountain (not in Anaheim)

Silver Lake impersonating its big brother to the north, Lake Tahoe

Winnemucca Lake

Snow in California in June in black and white

Super moon

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