Time to hang that print! Here are few framing suggestions.

Aztec Graphics
If you live in San Diego, you are in luck. Aztec Graphics (1439 Garnet Avenue, Pacific Beach) is stocked with well-priced frames for all sizes of Orange & Park prints. Bring in your prints and they do the rest.

Aaron Brothers
Aaron Brothers has a line of wooden multi-picture frames (in black, white or dark wood finish) that work great with our 14" x 24" prints (just remove the multi-pic mat). They also carry 18" x 24," 24" x 24" and 24" x 36" frames in the same style.

A crafty DIY solution is to mount your print on a piece of foamboard of the same dimensions. You can then set it on a tabletop, shelf, or pair of small nails. Swiss clips may also be useful in mounting your print on foamboard for wall hanging.

Binder clips
Blinder clips are the easiest, most economical DIY print-hanging solution. Simply secure two binder clips to the wall using thumbtacks, push-pins or small nails, and hang the print from the clips.